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Organisation and Programme Review


A review of your organisation as a whole will help you to recognise the diverse potentials that your company may previously have not noticed.


It will also help you to make the right and beneficial decisions to strengthen your position in the market and/or within the community you work in. 

The review is not only for those who are interested in expanding and diversifying your customer base and exploring new income streams;


But also those who could see that it is the right time for your organisation to change, evolve and be more inclusive.

I use a variety of methods in conducting the review. I tailor it the different requirements and need of a company. My methods include but not limited to:

  • Review and assess current processes

  • Policies and data review

  • Stakeholder engagement consultation from the CEO, board members to staff and audiences.

  • Affinity Mapping

  • Awareness focus group

The review result can be in a format of written report, or embedded in your business plan, or presentation to the board.

Often my recommendation will include amendment in policies or processes, which when approved may need to be rolled out to the staff or team members.   

To ensure a sustainable and meaningful change companies might want to consider engaging me as a critical friend for adhoc support and guidance.

We have reviewed

Lighthouse Poole
Lighthouse Poole
De La Warr
Pavilion Dance
South West
Without Walls
Lighthouse Poole
De La Warr

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