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Facilitating and Training 


Natasha Player & Co. offer a variety of facilitation and training packages tailored to meet diverse needs, such as Conversations With a Purpose, Action Learning for Leaders, and E, D & I focused training.


We specialise in creating an inclusive space where participants are guided through a learning enquiry and information sharing, drawing upon the collective expertise present in the room.


For me, it is important that we create safe non-judgemental spaces for people to be brave enough to share their challenges where they can genuinely connect with me and others in the room.

I encourage people to be considerate of one another and recognise that we are on a learning journey. The sessions are dynamic, relaxed, and accessible.

Natasha Player & Co. offer comprehensive and sector-relevant E, D, I & B training. Our programs are meticulously crafted to equip individuals with the essential knowledge, understanding, and empathy required to lead effectively and cultivate a culture of inclusivity and respect. 


Our goal is to empower individuals to become catalysts for positive change.

We Offer

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Conversations with a Purpose 

1/2 day group sessions creating an inclusive and more equitable approach to staff and stakeholder engagement, drawing out challenges, co-ownership of decision-making and identifying self-organising teams.


The sessions are embedded in methodologies such as  

facilitated accredited Action Learning Sets for enquiry and  learning to resolve complex challenges and identifying measurable actions and new ways of working.



Anti-Bias & Discrimination in the workplace

A 3 -hour session to unpack and discuss how we all carry bias and how to identify discrimination in the workplace. The session covers how to reduce bias in the everyday and ways to track bias in the workplace.  Your team will leave with more insight into bias awareness; equiped with new skills and a process to consider how to track improvements on bias in the workplace.

E, D, I & B in the creative workplace

Our team deliver understanding Equality, Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging in the workplace and how it relates to the creative industry by unpacking challenges, highlighting opportunities and sharing practices for fostering belonging. We also include how to establish an EDI footprint.

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Inclusive Leadership Training for Leaders of the future

We run two programs for established leaders and for leaders just starting out in leadership. Our program offers comprehensive training and personalized one-to-one mentoring; empowering leaders and decision-makers with the tools and skills necessary to embrace a more equitable and inclusive approach to leadership. By equipping you with more cultural intellegence, commitment, confidence, awareness, and strategies, we enable you to navigate the evolving landscape with more courage and insight, catalyzing cultural shifts within your organizations.

This transformational approach not only enhances team performance and decision-making quality but also fosters organizational unity. It positively influences key aspects such as the recruitment process, staff progression, and talent retention, ensuring that organizations remain relevant, agile, and industry leaders in today's dynamic environment.

Through our inclusive leadership program, participants will develop new skills, gain confidence, and deepen their awareness. Our approach involves drawing from participants' experiences and knowledge through a learning inquiry process, shaping, informing, and equipping decision-makers with enhanced abilities to lead and adapt to the future of the creative industry.


Mentoring & Coaching

One to One

3 hour and full day mentoring and coaching leaders working in the Creative Industry to move forward and achieve their ambitions, make more impact in the world and sustain high-performance careers.

Quaterly mentoring session to identify next step action to acheive your ambitions, accountablitity and mindset work to sustain high performance.

Critical Friend for leaders to remain informed and up to date on inclusive leadership practices and work through complex problems together.


Public Speaking

How to connect better with diverse audiences, customers and clients

What to consider before engaging and the benefits to engaging better

What Can We Do?

Instead of postponing, sidestepping, avoiding institutional change - We offer provocations and actions to Initiating cultural shifts in the arts and cultural sector

Creating Healthy, inclusive Decision Making Spaces

Approaches to institutional change at the decision-making table

We spoke and facilitated at

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Image: Jane Showell



Action Learning for Leaders 

A 3-hour session for individual leaders working in the Creative Industry to come together to swiftly resolve organisational and leadership complex challenges.


A facilitated non-judgemental session to draw from the diverse expertise in the room to explore innovative, creative solutions through a learning enquiry framework and identify actions that move forward you leadership and company complex problems resolving more swiflty with an external facilitator and reflective dedicated action-focused space.

Individuals & More

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