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Leaders of the Future

In today's fast-paced society, leaders are increasingly required to respond to new significant challenges of our ever-changing global society that impact the workforce, how customers engage, the environment and the company's growth in remaining relevant, sustainable and industry leaders.


Courageous leaders, whether established or just starting out in leadership, embrace unfamiliar and uncomfortable terrain, welcoming uncertainty while minimizing risk to make decisions that drive the business forward. They do so with a healthy mindset grounded in values and by empowering others to lead alongside them. What if there were a way to share experiences, draw from each other's learning, and tap into current thinking by joining a brave, safe space designed to unravel common challenges across your industry?


At Natasha Player & Co., we facilitate dynamic, engaging spaces for just that, uniting whilst challenging us to do things differently. Co-creating frameworks that ground the learning into action, drawing on the expertise and knowledge around the room, being brave and open when we don't have the answers, and approaching the how and strengthening the why together.

A framework that not only unravels the challenges that your industry is facing but also invites a shared learning experience, a framework to recommit your company or industry to move through challenges with more ease and clarity and that enables stakeholders to be able to contribute and feel valued whilst moving forward with accountability without the overwhelm, a care-led framework for an inclusive leadership approach for everyone to thrive.

We are equipping the leaders in the room to have more solidarity and build on courageous action in widening their circle of vision of untapped, diverse potential.  To create a greater sense of belonging which lays the foundations to significantly impact each participating company's performance, city-wide initiative, and reach creating a more healthy, highly talented workforce.

Our five-month program

Explore below an example of our five-month transformation and change program to take your senior management team or consortium out of resistance and unsure how to move forward a significant challenge to feeling confident and equipped with a clear and achievable roadmap.

Let the practice in process begin

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Phases of our Framework




Conversations with a



In The Thick of It - Action Learning Enquiry Tool


Doing Things Differently Get's to Look Like


Co-creating a Legacy With Care Framework


We have facilitated courageous conversations with

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Program details

Courageous Leaders

Who is it for?

Established Senior Leaders

Decision-makers within an organisation, company or consortium? CEO's and SMT ready to equip themselves with new tools as inclusive leaders of the future and who are open to an enquiry process to enable change in practice to happen.

Delivery format

Bespoke to your needs

Consultation and Critical Friend service is delivered online.

CWAP and Action Learning is facilitated in person approximately once a month, usually a 3-hour

session at an agreed time for participating stakeholders.


5-6 months

Our courageous leaders program is

5- 6 months depending on the level support required for example, how many critical friend meet-ups are held for key stakeholders and faciliated action learning sessions delivered tailored to the clients requirements.


Value for Money Service

We provide a vital pre-planning, delivery and after-care check-in program.

Our fees are based on the depth of content and support required.

An example rate is £5000 for an entry level program ranging to £32,000 for a mid scale tailored organisation program.

Interested in finding out more?

Book a complimentary discovery call or join our waitlist for the next available program.

We look forward to connecting


Plymouth Culture, CEO

 “Natasha created a level of trust that enabled the partners to open up, achieving depth and impact individually and collectively.”

De La Warr Pavilion

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