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Our Creative Work

Creative Changemaking at Natasha Player & Co. involves cooking-up exciting co-created artistic programs and producing excellent, relevant performances that engage a wide range of audiences.

Working with diverse communities on what they desire to experience and that connects audiences often uplifting experiences, and sharing diverse narratives can offer a more profound connection. It can increase the sense of belonging in a city, in spaces and in outdoor places.

We work with businesses, venues, organisations and city-wide initiatives and broker relationships with artists, creative entrepreneurs, and festival directors, along with the audience, the consumer and the customer central in our minds.

One of our ethos is 'who can we bring with us' by working with independent producers, promoters and behind-the-scenes people who make all the creativity happen.

To be seen, heard and represented leads to a greater understanding of one another and where innovation, creativity and relevance can combust and ignite new diverse ways of experiencncing the world.


Founders & Entrepreneurs

We work with diverse-led festivals, creative companies and independent producers who desire to grow their business.  We support them to think big artistically, explore new avenues for income generation and map out how to make their creative ideas possible.

Bournemouth Reggae Weekender is one of the excellent companies we have had the pleasure of working with.



Green Spaces Dark Skies

Filmed at Meldon Reservoir on Dartmoor, Devon and featured on BBC 1 - Countryfile.  Natasha was invited to co-create the artistic vision & direct the movement of 400 cast members, inviting  Krump and Indian Dance artists to work alongside a diverse range of performers and the general public. Commissioned by Walk the Plank (Unboxed) and creatively crafted and produced by Extraordinary Bodies. 


Open Doors

Commissioned by PDSW, we produced two events and invited local and international artists alongside youth performances in a showcase never experienced before.  The audience stormed the stage and joined in a DJ set, where everyone participated in their own creative expression.

Image: Red Manhattan Photography - DFA CREW performer
sharon james spiral.jpg



We have had the pleasure of co-curating and producing two exhibitions from Black British and of African and Caribbean heritage visual artists based in the South West.

A national lottery funded 'Celebrate fund' and Heritage Lottery funded projects.

Image: Artist Sharon James
Mohamed Toukabri_The Upside down man_Mohamed Toukabri_#4(1).JPG


Mohammed Toukabri

Live mix-media performance programmed to engage a wider new audience to a venue.

Audience member feedback "Although the artist is not from my country, I saw myself in his story of migration, it was wonderful to see"



Critical Friend Groups

We believe in broadening the voices and representation at the decision-making table by brokering relationships and working with key organisers, independent producers and community activists.

We do this by initiating & facilitating diverse-led networks and supporting existing frameworks such as Critical Friend Groups.

Image: The Troth, PDSW


Carnival Connexions

Connecting through Carnival - exploring creative innovation and self-expression whilst sharing and documenting local people's experiences of carnival and masquerade from the Caribbean and Sub-Saharan Africa—a 3-year program of producing masquerade, touring performances and commissioning exhibitions reaching over 9000 people. Commissioned by Umoja Arts Network 

kings park.jpg
Image: Umoja Arts Network

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