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12 Characteristics of Good Leaders

What makes a good leader?

Read the instant accessible downloadable PDF from the Centre for Creative Leadership

Download PDF • 513KB

I am curiousto hear your views on what makes a good leader and what you might add to the list. Welcome to comment below.

Inclusive leadership skills enhance your leadership journey and are becoming more and more important in navigating and responding to the constantly changing landscape of our global society. Consider these below headlines on inclusive leadership skills


Cultural Intellegence

Cognizient of Bias




What do you think it takes to be a good leader of the future?

I would add kindness and empathy in responding to the every day demands and expectations you and your team are expected to deliver.

Natasha Player & Co. offers Conversations with a Purpose alongside Action Learning to support you and your organization on its leadership journey and facilitate organisational cultural shifts, creating healthier places and spaces in the creative industry.

We work with Leaders of the Future to better respond with more clarity and confidence in resolving significant organisational and leadership challenges, feeling more equipped, united, and courageous.

Get in touch with a discovery call on how best we can work together.

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